Beautiful Butterfly - The students will make a colorful butterfly by using water absorbed through a coffee filter. The filter will absorb the three different dyed waters to become a vibrant butterfly.
Build a Bot - The students will use easy-to-build block pieces to create a robot with motors that have moving pieces.


Chalk Chromatography - The students will draw colored lines with markers on chalk pieces and put the chalk in vinegar to create a colorful rainbow on the chalk
Chromatography Flowers - The students will drip a coffee filter with ink on it into water, causing the ink to separate into its colored components, creating a pretty flower.
Circuit Activity - The students will learn about basic electronic components using a circuit board and tracing the transferred energy.
Clothespin Kazoo - The students will make their own kazoo to learn about sound.


Disappearing Water Trick - The students will learn about osmosis with an experiment that makes water "disappear."


Escape the Room: A Breakout Experience (Victory Elementary) - Experience an escape room by working together as a team, solving problems and unlocking boxes and finding your way out!


Face Painting - The students will have their face painted with a design of their choice.
Fireworks in a Jar - The students will learn about the miscibility of certain liquids with others using oil, water, and food coloring.
Friendship Bracelets - The students will learn how to make friendship bracelets with different colored threads.
Frequency vs Vibration of Water - Students will have the opportunity to make cool patterns out of water using sound.
FTC Robotics - 3 FTC Robots highlighting this years challenge...Rover Ruckus! With a field set up.


Gravity is Optional - Hands on science of all ages.




Invisible Ink - The students will write an “invisible message” using a mixture of baking soda and water. The message will be revealed when the students paint grape juice over their message.


Jenga - The students will strategically take out pieces from the Jenga puzzle to avoid it from collapsing.



Legos - The students will build and create things with Legos using their imagination.
Light Bulbs and LEDs - The students will learn electric symbols for different electronics and will build/compare difference between Light Bulbs and LEDs.


Make-Your-Own-Button - The students will design their own buttons with coloring tools.
Making Gluep - The students will mix together two common household chemicals, Elmer's Glue and borax, that will react and change to make a new material.
Marbled Painting - The students will make a marbled painting by coloring vegetable oil different colors and dropping droplets of the colored oil into a tray of water. The students will then place their paper into the water to create a marbled painting.
Moon Sand - The students will mix oil and flour to create their own fun and interactive moon sand.



Origami - The students will learn how to fold different origami figures such as a cat and a cup.


Paper Airplanes - The students will build airplanes made out of paper.




Skewer a Balloon - The students will do the impossible by skewing a balloon with a bamboo stick without popping it.
Spin Art - The students will make their own art and see physics in action with a spin art machine.
Static Electricity - The students will be introduced to the concept of energy and the ideas of positive and negative charges.
Suspension Bridge - The students will build a suspension bridge with Popsicle sticks.


Tangrams- The students will use pre-cut paper triangles to piece together a tangram masterpiece
Tower of Hanoi - The students will use their critical thinking skills to solve a traditional puzzle.




WiSTEM - Booth targeted towards getting younger girls interested in STEM using crafts and games!





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