Consent Forms needed for ALL Volunteers

US FIRST Consent

All Volunteers must complete the US FIRST Consent Form, either online or in paper.

  • To complete the consent Form online, do this under your Login and select the drop-down menu by your name.

  • Link for the paper form:

Download PDF

FIRST Chesapeake Consent
FIRST Chesapeake Consent

To complete the FIRST Chesapeake Form, do so through the FIRST Inspires website. When you sign up to volunteer, the consent form will be listed on your dashboard.

Conflict of Interest Form

The following roles must complete the Conflict of Interest Form

(please note listed roles of folks outside of FIRST Chesapeake): 

Inspection Manager and robot Inspectors

  • Head Referee and Referees

  • Judge and Judge Adviser

  • Safety Adviser

  • Scorekeeper

  • Team Queuer

Download PDF